This paper presents a realizable and unique vision for the future of gaming built on blockchaintechnology to manage increasingly complex and appealing game worlds and secure andsimplify the ownership, sharing, and trade of virtual assets. The My Alt Gaming platformdemocratizes game development and deployment, allowing developers to bring their vision tolife. It aims to provide gamers worldwide with access to blockchain games and build a bridgefor traditional games to evolve into blockchain games. Additionally, to the benefit of gamers,developers can create fully decentralized, autonomous games where players can expect 100%uptime and have provably fair gameplay with actual ownership of their in-game items. My AltGaming wants to build an ecosystem that abstracts all that away so any player can get started inplay to earn seamlessly while My Alt Gaming team handles all in the backend. The assembledMy Alt Gaming team is comprised of the original creators of blockchain gaming, experienceddevelopers, and blockchain and business experts. So while this is a new frontier forcryptocurrency and gaming, the assembled team has the experience, insight, and initial designsavailable to solve the challenges ahead readily. This will usher in a new era of game-changingblockchain technology and a whole new gaming ecosystem.


My Alt Gaming white paper contains information that may not be complete and does not implyany commercial agreement. This material is provided solely for informational reasons and is notmeant to be construed as a solicitation of securities or any other financial or investmentinstrument. This version of the white paper, as well as subsequent editions, may be altered. Anyreader should be aware that purchasing My Alt Gaming coins has a significant level of risk. It isthe responsibility of the potential participant or contributor to ensuring that participation in anyof the sales is not prohibited under the applicable laws of said participant’s or contributor’scountry of residence or domicile. My Alt Gaming tokens have not been registered with anysecurities regulatory authority in any state or other jurisdiction inside the Irish territory. AllMyAlt Gaming games will share the same tokenomics, eliminating the token trading barriersamong different games. myaltgaming.comDecentralized ownership of in-game assets: Gamers spend billions of dollars purchasingvirtual goods that enrich their experience. However, they do not genuinely own most ofthese assets as they are issued and managed by the game’s developer. Using blockchaintechnology to create in-game assets gives gamers greater control, allowing them to transfer,auction, or trade-in a decentralized manner.Permissionless transfer and use: Most in-game assets are confined to the particular game forwhich they’re created, forcing users to create black markets for trading these goods. In asurvey, 62% of gamers noted that they’d be more open to purchasing virtual goods if theycould use them across different games, while 84% of developers said they’d create suchitems if there were technology to do so. Blockchain technology facilitates such creation andallows gamers to easily transfer their assets across the underlying network. Investing: Blockchain gaming incentivizes gamers to invest in in-game assets and tokensthat are likely to accrue value over time rather than being only spenders. In recent years, thetop five gaming-focused cryptocurrencies and most of their in-game assets have continuedto rise in value.


Blockchain-based gaming refers to online games that run on the blockchain or adopt theunderlying technology to improve the gaming experience. Blockchain overs several enticingproperties to the gaming industry: myaltgaming.comEarning in-game cryptocurrencies: One example would be Axie Infinity's Smooth LovePotion (SLP), acquired by completing daily quests or battling monsters and players.Earning or trading in-game NFTs: Each NFT may represent an item, character, orcollectible in the game. These can be purely cosmetic or fulfill a use or purpose in-game,depending on the game.Staking: Gamers can lock up NFTs or cryptocurrencies in smart contracts in some NFTgames, which produces rewards. Staking MBOX tokens, for example, rewards users withMOMO NFT Mystery Boxes. Each one has a unique NFT with a varying rarity that can besold on the secondary market. You'll need a large initial deposit to earn significant stakingrewards.


What is Play-to-Earn Play-to-earn is exactly what it sounds like: a business model in which users may play a gamewhile also earning cryptocurrencies.It's a powerful psychological concept because it combines two activities that have drivenhumanity since the beginning of time: making money and having fun.This model's main feature is that it gives gamers ownership of some in-game assets and allowsthem to grow their worth by actively playing the game. Non-fungible tokens are typically usedin the crypto realm to define ownership and even transfer it (NFTs).


The play-to-earn ecosystem remains at a rudimentary stage of development. Gaming options are fragmented and only relevant to a limited audience. No platform offers a broad array of play-toearn gaming options. This section details some of the critical gaps in the play-to-earn market. Limited options - The current play-to-earn gaming options are limited and relevant to only niche audiences. P2E gaming can be inaccessible to many players because it requires much technical know-how to get started, such as setting up the wallet and purchasing tokens or staking them or swapping and My Alt Gaming want to build an ecosystem that abstracts all that away so any player can get started in play-to-earn seamlessly while My Alt Gaming team handles all in the backend. We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games, and we will use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy. The optionality in the play-to-earn industry is far behind the optionality in the mainstream gaming industry. There is a significant market for enterprises that offer a broad suite of gaming options in the mainstream gaming industry. Fragmented ecosystem - Play-to-earn games are currently fragmented across different blockchains. For instance, Axie Infinity runs on Ronin (an Ethereum sidechain), The Sandbox Evolution is on the Ethereum mainnet, and CryptoBlades runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This fragmented ecosystem forces users to switch between different chains to access their favorite play-to-earn games. It also forces users to hold the native assets of other chains and applications if they wish to have broad optionality. This is highly inconvenient for blockchain gamers, and they will often face high costs through the storage, usage, and conversion of such assets. Having a single ecosystem where players can find a variety of games will improve engagement, user experience and reduce costs. Lack of developer support - The complex nature of blockchain games means that both crypto-focused and traditional developers require extensive support to create and deploy decentralized applications safely. There are few tools available to such developers to help them safely build and deploy such applications. After development, there is no place that they can deploy their games to an already established audience. They must launch their games into a widely competitive market. 


My Alt Gaming wants to build an ecosystem that abstracts all that away so any player can get started in play-to-earn seamlessly while My Alt Gaming team handles all in the backend. The solution provides a lucrative environment for both gamers and developers, allowing them to tap into the vast opportunities present in the play-to-earn industry. The solution gives players unprecedented optionality in terms of advanced play-to-earn gaming options. Developers receive the tools necessary to build and deploy their own play-to-earn games. 


My Alt Gaming is a decentralized self-development and release platform of blockchain games. It aims to provide gamers worldwide with access to blockchain games and build a bridge for traditional games to evolve into blockchain games. My Alt Gaming vision itself is to reduce the difficulties for gamers and developers to get started with blockchain games. My Alt Gaming is positioning itself to be a one-stop-shop for cutting-edge play-to-earn crypto gaming options. Players will be able to choose from a sublime suite of games while developers can deploy games to an already established user base. Every game on My Alt Gaming is owned by players. 


1. Mobile gaming platform consists of dual-token model: 

 - My Gaming Token – MGT: Utility token with fixed supply and financial value, used for governance, staking, swap. 

 - Crypto Points Token – CPT: It is mintable and has an unlimited supply token generated in games as a reward for players. 

This model accrues value to both tokens and prevents inflationary pressure to the MGT token, which ensures that the interest in the game remains high. 

2. Android and IOS games with:

 - Dual tokenomics 

 - In-game wallet 

 - Staking options

3. The game will generate CPT tokens that players can swap for MGT tokens in the game wallet. Players will be able to stake MGT tokens and receive rewards or swap them for other cryptocurrencies using the in-game Defi dashboard.

4. Game boosters will be available for sellers to purchase with FIAT currencies, giving them the opportunity to earn more points/CPT tokens. The token liquidity team will use the proceedings from booster purchases to manage liquidity pools and raise the value of MGT tokens using buyback and staking.



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