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We're bringing the experience of Blockchain Gaming and Play to Earn concept, to billions of people. And we invite you to be part of our vision.

If you are a builder, creative, investor or just interested, scroll down to see how we can achieve our goals together.



Q4 2021

MGT Token Launch

Q2 2022

Official Whitepaper

Q1 2024

Game Release Beta V.2 


Our vision is to provide an open and inclusive diverse game world based on the pure blockchain technology, which will change the game industry in modern society.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a metaverse project based on BSC. It makes the most of the MOBA and Battle Royale in the Fighters' survival battle in the futuristic fantasy world.

Your goal is to be the last on the battlefield to win the game.

Last Man Standing is the newest free-to-earn battle royale game, fast and easy to play.

We use two token systems (MGT (governance - 1,000,000,000) – CPT (reward - unlimited)) to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem as well as provide economic incentives to encourage players to participate in the ecosystem activities.

Fringilla's Story

Fringilla's vision is to bring blockchain to millions of players, allowing them to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology.

A mobile Role-playing game inspired by Wizards and Magic. Free-to-Play with a built-in Play-to-Earn mechanism at your fingertips.

We adopted a play-to-earn system that allows players to get rewarded through playing. Fringilla also has its own token, a BSC-based utility and governance token used throughout the Fringilla ecosystem and much more. Our game and our tokens will be the gateway for most traditional players to experience decentralized finance and getting to know more about decentralized autonomous organizations.



Element Scores

Element Scores is the first match-three puzzle video game that requires no financial investment up front. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable gamefi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

We use two token systems (MGT (governance - 1,000,000,000) – CPT (reward - unlimited)) to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem as well as provide economic incentives to encourage players to participate in the ecosystem activities.

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MyAltGames will launch several games in the future. In the settled worldview framework, you can experience multi-dimensional and multi-genre game models, including but not limited to the applications for AR and VR technology, thus to improve the gaming experience.


MyAltGames is a decentralized self-development and release platform of blockchain games. It aims to provide gamers worldwide with access to blockchain games and build a bridge for traditional games to evolve into blockchain games. MyAltGames vision itself is to reduce the difficulties for gamers to get started with blockchain games.

Gamers Community

MyAltGames will be an open and inclusive diversified game world for gamers worldwide. All games released will have in-game assets delivered to gamers. Due to the technical nature of the blockchain, the gamers will be entitled with full control over the assets. Gamers can make the virtual income in the game into real-world revenues through transactions at any time, allowing the game interests become truly privatized and anonymized.

Technology and Development

In term of our direction with regard to the implementation of gaming technologies, MyAltGames will apply latest game production methods, professional and efficient game production process in the traditional gaming industry. Equipped with many professional technical talents and the latest game development engines (UNITY, UNREAL5), we will create the stunning gameplay experience.

My Gaming Token

All MyAltGames games will share the same tokenomics, eliminating the token trading barriers among different games. We will maintain the vital rights and interests of game developers and gamers, enabling each role within the platform ecosystem to gain sustainable and robust revenues.

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